Canvas Bag


Garment bag is a non-woven bag used to carry personal items, stationery … very convenient and suitable for Vietnamese aesthetics. In addition, environmentally friendly non-woven fabric with eye-catching design will be an appropriate choice for you.

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CANVAS BAG FOR EVENTS Product code: TCVSK Material : Canvas Colors : White, blue, red, yellow, ... according to customer needs Size : For horizontal burlap bags: the most common pocket sizes are 230 x 280 x 75mm, 230 x 330 x 90mm, 320 x 380 x 100mm. For vertical burlap bags: the most common sizes are 140 x 130 x 60mm, 400 x 300 x 90mm, 410 x 290 x 100mm. VLS UNIFORM is designed according to customers' needs. Design: Bag with strap, printed logo of the company or the event. Advantages: CANVAS BAG FOR EVENTS is an eco-friendly and reasonable cost gift. It is very useful for users which can be used multiple times, easy to wash and publicize the brand widle and in long-term.


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