The operating room in the hospital – a sterile place , where the line between life and death lays. In this room , doctors with medical ethics , modern equipment , phenomenal expertise try to fight with the death to save the patient. Their clothes must be made of soft, cool, light, easy-to-clean, and quick-to-dry fabric. Here in VLS Viet Nam Co., ltd we provide you the detailed information about the TR fabric, which have Rayon fiber composition, this fabric can meet all the above criteria , and it is being used commonly around the world to make surgery clothes.

  1. Composition

The TR (Tetron Tayon) fabric is a type of blended fiber which compose of Poyester and Rayon fiber

This kind of fabric is called Tetron Rayon because it comes from Japan. And Tetron is another name of polyester which is named by Japanese


Polyester : A kind of plastic . Finished polyester yarn are formed by chemical polymerization and it comes in four basic tyoe of yarn : staple fiber, roving yarn, fiberfill yarn and filament yarn. Unlike cotton fabric, Polyester will keep it original shape without wrinkles or ruffles.

Rayon: Is a fiber made from cellulose that are usually created from wood pulp. Although rayon is originated from natural materials, since the process of making it still uses certain chemicals, it is considered a semi-synthetic fabric.

Spandex (Elastane, Lycra, etc.) : Is a fiber with the highest elasticity, the TR fabric mentioned above has the spandex yarn to create elasticity for the fabric, creating a comfortable feel for the wearer.

  1. Category
  2. Acording to weave :

Twill : Twill has 2 different surface , the texture that twill gives the TR fabric a strong, thick feel. It have a high drape while still being soft and cool. Because of the twill structure, it looks lighter and can be hung u easily.

Warp and weft : The fabric are quite prone to wrinkles, especially with some fabric like cotton, linen, etc. But it has high elasticity , it has a good and fairly durable struction. The surface is tight and the patterns of woven fabric are very varied.

  1. Acording to Rayon yarn composition

There are 2 commonly used TR

♣ Fabric with 72% polyeste 21% rayon 7% spandex:

Composition  72% polyeste, 21% rayon, 7% spandex

Antiabacterial active substance Agion

Type TR
Structure Twill, Warp and weft
Width 150 cm
Weight 170/206 gsm


♣ Fabric with 65% polyeste 30% rayon 5% spandex:

Composition  65% polyeste, 30% rayon, 5% spandex

Antiabacterial active substance Agion

Type TR
Structure Twill, Warp and weft
Width 150 cm
Weight 170/206 gsm


3 . Additional feature (optional)

Agion : The fabric will be treated with agion antibacterial active substance. Agion makes your clothes antibacterial up to 99% and will gradually reduce their antibacterial level after 50 washes.


Agion’s feature:

  • Agion technology can be customized to provide microbial inhibition throughout the product’s life
  • Agion uses a substance with is Zeolit to deliver its active compositions, such as silver ion, which fight bacteria by blocking its respiration, forbid division , and disturb their metabolism.


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